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Please only complete the application after reading through our
Guardian Home Program
information below.

We will get in touch within 24 hours of your application being completed. 

Thank you! 

Guardian Home Program

It is our goal that all of the dogs in our program are raised in homes with families that love and care for them! Each dog deserves to be cherished and should receive one-on-one time as a pet within a family! Because of this goal, we utilize a Guardian Home Program in order to continue to grow our program ethically and with each dog's well being in mind! 

Simply Put... 

If you are chosen to be a guardian home then a contract will be written up and a future momma or daddy dog will be placed in your home at no cost to you. This puppy/dog will be your responsibility to raise, train, and care for with the guidance and supervision of Front Rowe Doodles. All typical puppy expenses will be yours to cover (food, toys, grooming, etc.). We will cover the necessary puppy vaccinations as well as all reproductive costs. Additionally, there is also monetary compensation for guardian families when a dog is used for breeding purposes. With each litter, our guardian homes receive $500 and when the guardian home contract is complete, the guardian home will be able to claim second pick from the momma's last litter OR be compensated for the sale of said puppy. When placed in your home and as the puppy grows, we will check in and make sure the puppy/dog receives all necessary health clearances before reaching breeding age.


If the dog is a female, when ready the dog will be bred responsibly. The gestational period for dogs is 57-63 days so during that time, the dog will live comfortably and happily with her guardian family. One week prior to her expected due date, the dog will then return to our home to prepare for the whelping of her puppies. Over the span of roughly 8 weeks, we will house the momma and her puppies. When done breeding, then we will cover the cost to spay the female, and all ownership will transfer over to the guardian home permanently. 

If the dog is a male when the male reaches maturity to begin breeding, this usually occurs around one year, the male will then be used as a stud for our program and potentially be studded out to other responsible programs. When a stud is needed for breeding, we will communicate clearly with the guardian home and arrange the details. Every time the stud produces puppies from breeding, the guardian home will be compensated $100. It is the guardian home's responsibility to ensure that the male stays clear of any intact females who could potentially be in heat and there can be absolutely no unapproved breedings. Males are typically used as a stud in our program for 1-5 years depending on the male's temperament and health.




All dogs need to have basic training and understand commands such as sit, stay, and down and have kennel training. 

We also ask that guardian homes do NOT allow their pets on the furniture. 


The Guardian must care for the dog by ensuring that that they are providing quality food and keeping the dog up-to-date on all necessary shots and deworming. 

Additionally, Guardians MUST be aware of a female's heat cycles and be prepared to check the female regularly for indicating signs of a coming heat. 


For the safety of our family and others, we require that all dogs have exposure to children! This is very important to us because one of our main goals is to raise family dogs that are human focused and kid friendly.


We require that Guardians maintain clear and open communication with us!

This is vital. Guardians must respond to messages in a timely manner (within 24 hours) and notify us immediately if a dog is in heat or if there are health concerns. 


Each dog requires some amount of grooming depending on the breed. It is the guardian home's responsibility to maintain grooming by brushing regularly and professional grooming every 8-12 week.


Guardian families must be willing and able to send quality photos of their pet for us to use on our social media and website. We like to show off and see our breeding dogs enjoying life with their guardian families! 

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