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Austen-Litter of Englishdoodles

June 2024

Austen is our spunky AKC English Setter. 

Pregnancy Confirmed!

Austen has been bred for Front Rowe Doodle's first litter of Englishdoodles with the gorgeous Poodle Magnus outsourced from Sunvalleygoldendoodles!


Austen weighs: 40 pounds

Magnus weighs: 25 pounds



Keely-Litter of Irishdoodles


Keely is our sweet AKC Irish Setter. 

Keely will be bred with our handsome Standard Poodle Orwell for a perfect litter of Irishdoodles.

Keely weighs: 50 pounds

Orwell weighs: 45 pounds 



Glory-Litter of Gordondoodles


Glory is our loving AKC Liver Gordon Setter. 

Glory will be bred with our very own dashing poodle boy Swagger for their second litter of Gordondoodles.

Glory weighs: 31 pounds

Swagger weighs: 35 pounds 



Interested in placing a deposit on one of our future litters? 

If your interested in our puppies, please fill out our

Puppy Application and review our Purchase Process!

If you have any questions you can contact me any time at or text/call me (Kelsey) at 480-320-0512

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